On Being (2023)
A video contemplation (with quotes from Chuang Tzu)

The Mystery of the Injured Goldfinch (2023)
A micro-documentary / video poem ~ recorded on a mobile phone camera

A Waking Dream of the Possible (2021)
Auto-biographical video poem ~ reflections on climate change & the central role of water

SEEDS (2020)
Awarded 3rd Place in the 'Humanity +' One Minute Digital Video Challenge
(video produced in 24 hours)

A Dream of Space (version 2)
A short bio-doc/poetry video (2016)
This video (edited for run time) was selected for public art inclusion on board
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft mission to asteroid Bennu (2016-2023)
The original (full 8 minutes) video is viewable here

I am Evolution
A collaborative video-poem, submitted to the 2009/10 WGBH PBS/NOVA 'Life Stories' open call
Celebrating 150th anniversay of the publication of Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'
(video placed in the top ten of viewer favorites)

A Time of Water Bountiful
(juried-selected finalist: H2O Film on Water Festival/Exhibition (Great River Arts Center, Bellows Falls, VT, 2009)
Also: 'final five' finalist in the C Blue Film Festival (Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 2011)
and invitational screening at the 2012 Poetry Film Festival (IEA, Athens, Greece)

My Name Is HAM
An 'Imagined Memoir' of the First Chimp in Space
(premier: Yuri's Night Bay Area, NASA Ames Research Center, April 12, 2008)
Also: invitational screening at the 2012 Poetry Film Festival (IEA, Athens, Greece)

Light (2011)
Published in Kaleidoscope (Vol 6, No 1, 2014)
~ the journal of the Institute for Advanced Study, Durham University, UK as an embedded video file
also: invitational screening at the 2012 Poetry Film Festival (IEA, Athens, Greece)

WAR & PEACE ~ Performance Clip
(Chaosmosis at the Center on Contemporary Art
Seattle - June 2004)

Screened: 7th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound & Visual Poetry
(Vortice Argentina), Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept. 2004

SECRETS OF MAGIC ~ INVISIBILITY (beats version - M. Tolver)
{2003, original / 2006, beats}

Screened at the 2003 Vancouver Video Poetry Festival
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Jury-selected for video installation: 'Product - Comments on Consumer Culture' Exhibition
(ATHICA, Athens, Georgia, 2003)

{voted 'top ten' in the 1998 Cin(e)-Poetry Festival, San Francisco}

"I do not have total faith that the scientist is right, but I have great faith that the non-scientist is wrong." -- Isaac Azimov

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