Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
{2008, 2009, 2010 film reviews}

'Cold Souls' (2010)
Directed by Sophie Barthes

'Everything Strange and New' (2009)
Directred by Frazer Bradshaw

'The Great Buck Howard' (2008)
Directed/Written by Sean McGinly

'Nurse.Fighter.Boy.' (2008)
Directed/Written by Charles Officer

'The Last Mistress' (2007)
Directed by Catherine Beillot

'Before the Rains' (2007)
Directed by Santosh Sivan


On Being Vague. Taking Risks, and Getting It
An Interview with Frazer Bradshaw - Writer / Director of 'Everything Strange and New' (2009)

From the Inside Out ~ A Filmmaker’s Manifesto
An Interview with Charles Officer – Writer / Director of Nurse. Fighter. Boy (2008)

"Chaos is Nature refusing to obey my expectations."
-- James S. CArse

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