(Original Music/Music Videos & Spoken Word)

My Newest Music Projects
(2 Original Songs and Music Videos!)

Chaos in the Heavens (Folly to the Earth)

Chaos in the Heavens (Folly to the Earth)
(Listen & Download on Bandcamp -- just the unmastered audio track as a WAV file or Mp3)

A Pleasant Deception
Rough Edit (note: audio track is DIY: lo-fi and unmastered)

A Pleasant Deception
(Listen & Download on Bandcamp -- the 'cleaned-up', unmastered audio track as a WAV file or Mp3)


Progression #7 (v. 2, adagio)
(Piano; composed: 2007, recorded: 2020)

Playing with Chaos
An Impromptu on (MIDI) piano (1991)

Portrait of a Dorian Mode
Modal composition; composed: 1984, recorded (MIDI): 1991

Theme for M (moderato / mezzoforte)
Composed: 1989, recorded (MIDI): 1991

View the hand-scored sheet music

Theme for M (adagio)
Composed: 1989, recorded (MIDI): 1991

3-string guitar improvisation; composed/recorded: 1989


IMAGE: Order Out of Chaos (3D=>4D)

Selected Tracks from the Spoken Word CD

(copyright 2003)

WORDS: Michael Ricciardi // ANALOG SYNTH: Ffej (Mandel)

(a random sample prayer-song from Finnegan's Wake)

Space Junk
(A Tale of Two Odysseys)

Secrets of Magic ~ Invisibility
(beats version - DJ M. Tolver)

Apocalypse Later
(an alternative perpsective on the 'end-of-the-world'))

MRicciardi ~ LIVE at The Globe Cafe (Seattle, 1998)
(a 'random sample' LIVE performance recording)

To request additional tracks (9 tracks total), or to order the complete CD,
contact: marz62(at)yahoo(dot)com


THIS EVOLUTION (Will not be Terrorized)
(An anonymous collaboration - Recorded at
the Elephant 7 ~ 24-hour recording marathon (Seattle, 2005)
(Not on CD)

OLD TRACK! (audio track not available anywhere else):

Tuning Out (1995)
From the collaborative music/spoken word project with Beads of Mercury (Seattle, 1995)

Watch the 'Tuning Out' Video Poem!! (produced: 2011)

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