(2D & Animations)

Quantum Cupid / Cupid of the Clouds (2024)
Side-by-side digital composites ~ 'cupid' appropriated from the
1891 painting 'Cupidon' by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

The Dream of Broken Dolls (2024)
digital photo composite and animation

The Dream of Broken Dolls ~ the animation:

CogMod - Multi-layered Neural Network(ing)
Jury-selected work for 'Science Inspires Art - The Brain' Exhibition
New York City Hall of Science Museum (Oct. 2014 - March 2015)

The making of 'CogMod'

cardio-angio-genesis (2020)

cardio-angio-genesis ~ animation (2021)
Recipient of a MERIT Award - Influence Gallery - June 2023 (online) Exhibition

(to see/hear the VIDEO/AUDIO version of this work, search title on YT, and use headphones!)

Crime of Passion II ('Crimine di Pasione II')
(digital overlay of two analog photos)
Runner up (2nd Place) in the 8th 'Fotosophia' Competition/Public Exhibition
~ part of the annual 'Filosophia' (aka 'Bellezza' / Beauty) Festival of Ischia-Naples, Italy (Sept. 2022)

Deus Ex Machina
(digital photo minpulation)
Jury-selected for 'Connectivty' National Exhibition ~ Attleboro [Mass.] Musuem of the Arts (July, 2022)

Duane L - busking on Broadway (Seattle, 1994)
(analog - digital photo minpulation)
Recipient of the 'Gallery Award' (for Photographic/Digital Art) in the 2023 CAGO 'All Figurative/Portrait' on-line Exhibition (September, 2023)

The Dream of the Pilgrim Mariner (1985/2023)
Maria navigare ad ignotum ('To sail the seas into the unknown')
35mm analog B&W photo with digital compositing (17th-Century navigational map by Nicolao Visscher)

Recipient of a 'Judges' Choice' Award
CAGO 'All Abstraction' show (Summer-Fall, 2019)

Variation on a Western Blot - experiment #2 (2017)
photo > transparency overlays of laboratory artifact with digital alterations

Still Life on Sill (2023)
'Verite - Boke' diptych

Memorial Day (Against War)
digital photo (2D/3D) collage (my dad's WWII artifacts and preserved carrion beetle)

Dandelion ~ Taraxacum officinale (2021)
Macro image: archenes (fruit/seeds) in seed head

(layers of) Golden Autumn Ginko (2020)
digital photo overlay

Onion Flower (2020/2023)
Macro (lens) digital photo

behind the old house (2016)

Burnt Offering (2015)

(Images AI-evolved from original {human} 'seed' images)

A Caged New World (2022)

The Making of 'A Caged New World'

Math - Heart - Beauty ~ AI animation (2022)

The making of 'Math - Heart - Beauty' (2022)

Double Venus ~ Superposition & Entanglement (2023)
(hybrid experiment: Human + AI
~ using original photographic seed (top row, digital overlay of original photos, center)
then application of 'stable diffusion' algorithm on center image (results: bottom row,
far left/right images; center image is a digital overlay of the two)

OLDER ARTWORK (Drawings & Photography)

Fish-Fowl / Fight-Flight / Fission-Fusion (1990)
(No straight edge was used in this drawing)

4 PHASES (1993)

Fumage Fossil (1996)

Ash Tray (1986/87)


The Organist (1988)

Spheres on Table with Crystals
~ charcoal pencil ~ (1992)

Darwin's Journal
(for prospective cartoon series, 1995)

Last Christmas
(cartoon; published in The Comment BSU Student newspaper, 1981)

PHOTOGRAPHY (analog/35mm film)

Entanglement (1990)

Airplane Graveyard
(Plymouth, Mass., 1987)

Found Child's Bicycle (1987)

Vigil (1985)

'Convuslive beauty will be erotically veiled' (1989)

(Infrared photo, 1989)

(submerging on fire - GIF animation)


Circling Spiraling Rectangles (1995, 2023)

Fetal Dance (1989)

Internal Road Map (1985)

Goony Bird (1986)

The Butterfly Effect

"Either these curtains go, or I go." -- Oscar Wilde's purported last words

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