(2D & Animations)

CogMod - Multi-layered Neural Network(ing)
Jury-selected work for 'Science Inspires Art - The Brain' Exhibition
New York City Hall of Science Museum (Oct. 2014 - March 2015)

The making of 'CogMod'

cardio-angio-genesis (2020)

cardio-angio-genesis ~ simple animation (2021)
Recipient of a MERIT Award - Influence Gallery - June 2023 (online) Exhibition
Watch and LISTEN (!) to the video version of this animation on my YT channel (@m.ricciardi552)

Crime of Passion II ('Crimine di Pasione II')
(digital overlay of two analog photos)
Runner up (2nd Place) in the 8th 'Fotosophia' Competition/Public Exhibition
~ part of the annual 'Filosophia' (aka 'Bellezza' / Beauty) Festival of Ischia-Naples, Italy (Sept. 2022)

Deus Ex Machina
(digital photo minpulation)
Jury-selected for the 'Connectivty' Exhibition ~ Attleboro [Mass.] Musuem of the Arts (July, 2022)

The Dream of the Pilgrim Mariner (1985/2023)
Ad mare navigare ad ignotum ('To sail the sea towards the unknown')
35mm analog B&W photo with digital (17th-Century world map) compositing

Mobile Phone Camera Images (2012 - 2023)

Recipient of a 'Judges' Choice' Award
CAGO 'All Abstraction' show (Summer-Fall, 2019)

Variation on a Western Blot - experiment #2 (2017)
photo > transparency overlays of laboratory artifact with digital alterations

Ant Nest (2015 / 2023)
An Evolution of Complex Organization
('vérité to boke')

Still Life on Sill
('Bure - Boke' photo experiment - 2023)

Memorial Day (Against War)
(2D/3D digital collage: my dad's WWII artifacts and preserved carrion beetle)

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
MACRO image: seed head and archenes; 'fruit'/seeds (2021)

(layers of) Golden Autumn Ginko (2020)

behind the old house (2016)

Burnt Offering (2015)

(Images AI-evolved from original {human} 'seed' images)

A Caged New World (2022)

The Making of 'A Caged New World'

Math - Heart - Beauty ~ AI animation (2022)

The making of 'Math - Heart - Beauty' (2022)

Double Venus ~ Superposition & Entanglement (2023)
(hybrid experiment: Human + AI
~ using original photographic seed (top row, digital overlay of original photos, center)
then application of 'stable diffusion' algorithm on center image (results: bottom row,
far left/right images; center image is a digital overlay of the two)

OLDER ARTWORK (Drawings & Photography)

Fish-Fowl / Fight-Flight / Fission-Fusion (1990)
(No straight edge was used in this drawing)

4 PHASES (1993)

Fumage Fossil (1996)

Ash Tray (1986/87)


The Organist (1988)

Spheres on Table with Crystals
~ charcoal pencil ~ (1992)

Darwin's Journal
(for prospective cartoon series, 1995)

Last Christmas
(cartoon; published in The Comment BSU Student newspaper, 1981)

PHOTOGRAPHY (analog/35mm film)

Entanglement (1990)

Airplane Graveyard
(Plymought, Mass., 1987)

Found Child's Bicycle (1987)

Vigil (1985)

'Convuslive beauty will be erotically veiled' (1989)

(Infrared photo, 1989)

(submerging on fire - GIF animation)


Circling Spiraling Rectangles (1995, 2023)

Fetal Dance (1989)

Internal Road Map (1985)

Goony Bird (1986)

The Butterfly Effect

"Either these curtains go, or I go." -- Oscar Wilde's purported last words

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